10 KG Rotation Rice & Grains Dispenser With 6 Partition Grids

5,500 5,000

1. Independent rice bucket, easy to pick up rice, refuse to spill.
2. The top cover can be detached, making it easier to add, and the top cover can be removed for adding grain.
3. Transparent and visible at a glance, large-capacity storage of grains can be seen.
4. The 360° rotatable design can be turned gently, and you can choose what you need.
5. One-button press, intelligent quantitative.

Product color: white
Product material: PP material
Product size: 29*32.2cm

The size is manually measured, the error is unavoidable (0.5-1cm), and does not affect the use.

Packing list

Packing list: 1x grain storage box

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